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Piece of fashion

Piece of Fashion aims to invest in companies of the fashion industry. Each position of the portfolio is a brand that we wear every day and see each time we go shopping!



Investing in Piece of Knowledge means being part of that process that helped humanity during all its evolution: research and acquire new knowledge to make our lives better!

Circular Library
Earth and Space


Piece of EARTH

The earth is our home, and we want to keep it habitable for us and for the next generations. Investing in Piece of Earth is not just socially responsible investing, but it is being part of that economy that is changing the way we produce and consume energy, we manage the waste and rebuild the green areas of our planet.


Piece of FUTURE

Piece of Future is made up of companies that bring to market cutting edge products, next-generation services and solutions: not just digitalisation and crypto, but also renewable energy, robotic, blockchain, travelling in space!

Special Effects
Hotel Pool


Piece of luxe

Piece of Luxe evokes the feeling of the little and big pleasures we can enjoy if we work hard and with the right mindset: luxury hotel & resort chains, luxury carmakers, luxury clothes and accessories but also gold and diamond mining and Luxe...mbourg Govt Bonds!


Piece of DIGITAL

Piece of Digital is not just focussed on the companies leading the digitalisation but includes also cryptocurrencies and companies mining those raw materials used for semi-conductors, screens and other tech components.

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