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Pow Sarl-S was founded in 2021 and has patented a new concept of diversified investing.

Our vision is to provide with an advanced investment experience, combining long-term wealth growth, low fees and high flexibility. We design portfolios, so-called “Pieces of Wealth” in which, unlike investing in funds, clients become holders of each asset composing the portfolio and they can see the performance of each asset. All that, with one single click and very competitive costs.


As part of the invention development process, we have designed a multi-module software that manages the allocation of the securities quantities to the clients, monitors the risk, taking eventual actions and computes the fees calculation. The software can be integrated into the existing infrastructure.


With “Piece of Wealth”, PoW Sarl-S aims to bring a new product in the asset management industry.


We believe in the long term vision of the investments even when done on the financial markets.


Investing with a long-term view means believing and contributing to the growth of a company.


For this reason, Pieces of Wealth portfolios are designed for people looking for long term financial security.


Furthermore we want to lead clients to diversify their investment, giving them the full transparency of the assets held so that they can see and easily understand how their money is growing. In order to make clients further diversify their investment, we propose tiered entry fees which rate decrease not only depending on the money invested, but also depending on how many different portfolios the client buys.


We believe the people who invest in our portfolios are not only clients but long-term partners: therefore as part of our patent we have planned an interactive dashboard in which clients can share investment ideas.


Stay up-to-date with the latest initiatives and portfolio ideas and trends.

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