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Piece of Wealth

The new investing experience

We are Piece of Wealth and we introduce a new way of investing in financial markets combining the advantages of diversification with the full transparency of the portfolio assets.


Disclaimer: The present video has the purpose of showing how our concept works and it is not a solicitation for selling or distributing financial products


Pow Sarl-S was founded in 2021 and has patented a new concept of diversified investing.


Our vision is to provide with an advanced investment experience, combining long-term wealth growth, low fees and high flexibility.

We design portfolios, so-called “Pieces of Wealth” in which, unlike investing in funds, clients become holders of each asset composing the portfolio and they can see the performance of each asset. All that, with one single click and very competitive costs.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can "Piece of Wealth" portfolios be purchased?"
    Piece of Wealth portfolios are still not available for investors. PoW Sarl-S owner of the patent and of the idea of "Piece of Wealth" is looking for a partner to bring the portfolios on the market and make them available.
  • Is investing in Piece of Wealth like investing through a broker?
    No. When you invest through brokers you have to know the markets,trade, make choices that not always are the optimal ones due to cognition biases, not enough knowledge and experience, but also due to the more difficulty to hedge the portfolio. With Piece of Wealth you can make your portfolio with one single click. Your portfolio will be managed for you and protected from market falls with the use of derivatives
  • What is the rewarding program?
    The rewarding program is the way we make you partecipating to the portfolio management. If you have investment ideas you can share these in a dashboard and if we think your idea is good, we implement it and if your idea is successful you will get a prize!
  • What is the difference between Piece of Wealth and investment funds?
    When you invest in a fund, you buy funds’ shares, when you invest in a Piece of Wealth portfolio you become holder of the securities composing the portfolio and you can see all of them in your Piece of Wealth account. Piece of Wealth is also much cheaper than mutual funds as there is -no NAV calculation -no NAV publication -no transfer of funds’ shares
  • Can Piece of Wealth be considered like ETP and index certificates?
    Not really. It is true that when you invest in ETP and index certificates you usually see the underlying assets, but it is also true you don't hold the underlying assets. Some of these products apply leverage that makes your investment risky. ETP,index certificate and similar aim to track the underlying and there is no active portfolio management or hedging. With Piece of Wealth there is no leverage; the money you invest corresponds to the value of the assets you become holder and your portffolio is hedged.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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